Apache Atlas Client in Python

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Apache Atlas client in Python. Only compatible with Apache Atlas REST API v2.

Get started

>>> from atlasclient.client import Atlas
>>> client = Atlas('<atlas.host>', port=21000, username='admin', password='admin')
>>> client.entity_guid(<guid>).status
>>> params = {'typeName': 'DataSet', 'attrName': 'name', 'attrValue': 'data', 'offset': '1', 'limit':'10'}
>>> search_results = client.search_attribute(**params)
>>> for s in search_results:
...    for e in s.entities:
...         print(e.name)
...         print(e.guid)


  • Lazy loading: requests are only performed when data are required and not yet available
  • Resource object relationships: REST API from sub-resources are done transparently for the user, for instance the user does not have to know that it needs to trigger a different REST request for getting the classifications of a specific entity.

TODO features

  • allow multiprocessing


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.